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Trump's Tax Returns Surface, Reports of Massive Losses, Paid $750

President Trump's infamously elusive tax returns have reportedly seen the light of day -- and they appear to paint a portrait of Houdini-like tactics that have allegedly allowed DT to avoid paying income taxes for years ... and a grand total of… ... Continue Reading

Breonna Taylor Ballistics Report Inconclusive On Whose Bullet Hit LMPD Cop

One of the ballistics reports used to determine who shot who in the moments leading up to Breonna Taylor's death appears to contradict the Kentucky AG's version of events -- or at the very least, offer a more complete view ... which is mired in… ... Continue Reading

Joe Montana Confronts Alleged Kidnapper of Grandchild at Malibu Home

Joe Montana just tweeted out an update about the scary situation that unfolded at his home. He writes, "Thank you to everyone who has reached out. Scary situation, but thankful that everybody is doing well. We appreciate respect for our privacy at… ... Continue Reading

Seattle Sideshow Results in Cars Hitting Members of the Crowd

If you thought people getting hit by dangerously spinning cars would stop a good old-fashioned sideshow ... welp, you're wrong. Exhibit A -- these Seattleites, who really DGAF. Check out this wild scene that unfolded near the Space Needle Saturday… ... Continue Reading

NBA's Malik Beasley Arrested for Narcotics Possession and Stolen Gun

Plymouth Public Safety Department tells TMZ ... Beasley approached a vehicle that had stopped in front of his house Saturday and allegedly pointed a gun at them while telling them to scram. The alleged victims claim as they were driving away,… ... Continue Reading

CA Passes Law Allowing Trans Prisoners to be Housed by Gender Identity

California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a new law allowing transgender prisoners in the State to be housed based on their gender identity rather than their biological sex. Newsom signed SB 132 Saturday -- among other LGBTQ+-friendly… ... Continue Reading

Disney Parody Of 'WAP' is Fantastic!!!

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's mega-hit "WAP" has had a Disney parody makeover ... and it's the famed princesses and characters like you've never seen them before! In what some have described as "childhood ruining," more than 50 Disney films… ... Continue Reading

Coronavirus Vaccine Could Result in Half a Million Shark Deaths

A possible COVID-19 vaccine relies on shark livers, and conservationists are warning it could decimate the shark population. A British pharmaceutical company called GlaxoSmithKline currently manufactures a flu vaccine, which includes shark… ... Continue Reading

Marriage Proposal Hilariously Fails As Groom Falls Off Boat

This is the greatest marriage proposal fail ever ... when a bride gets so excited she hits the gas of her powerboat ... sending her would-be groom flying in the air. Check out the aspiring groom walking on the back of a boat ... lasering in on the… ... Continue Reading

NBA's Malik Beasley Arrested for Marijuana Possession and Stolen Property

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley is in jail Sunday after being arrested for possession of a controlled substance and concealing stolen property. Police showed up at Beasley's Plymouth home at 9 PM Saturday and took him into custody. We're… ... Continue Reading

Republicans Sell 'Notorious A.C.B.' T-Shirts Supporting Amy Coney Barrett

The best you can call this is bad taste, and the worst is despicable because a Republican group decided to jack the moniker of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- The Notorious R.B.G. -- by instantly printing shirts supporting Judge Amy Coney… ... Continue Reading

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The Rock is fearless, but he's never dared to venture into the snake pit we call politics ... until now. So, Dwayne Johnson played host to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a new video, and he gave them the seal of approval, endorsing them to replace… ... Continue Reading

Uber Delivery Driver Thrown Off Bike, Hogtied By Portland Cops

An Uber delivery man was riding his bike in Portland Saturday night when he was swarmed by cops and taken to the ground. The man was riding along and passed a patrol van when 2 cops got off the vehicle and took him down with considerable force. The… ... Continue Reading

Celebrities With NBA Mascots -- Shoot Your Shot!

With fans out of the stands for this season, these stars have been stuck watching the games from home ... Which means we've been missing out on some key NBA famous fan photos! In the past stars such as Winnie Harlow, Jason Sudeikis, Adam DeVine,… ... Continue Reading

Warren Moon Says He'd Start Franchise W/ Mahomes Over Lamar, But It's Close!

With the first pick in the fake NFL franchise draft ... Warren Moon tells TMZ Sports he'd take Patrick Mahomes over Lamar Jackson!!! ... but, the Hall of Famer says it ain't an easy decision!!! Mahomes and Jackson are set to square off on "Monday… ... Continue Reading

Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins in Talks to Join 'RHOBH'

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner have signaled publicly how much they want to be part of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' ... and now we're told they're actively trying to make it happen. Sources close to the gal pals tell TMZ ... Sophia… ... Continue Reading

Dr. Oz: Tyrod Taylor Lung Injury More Common Than You Think, Accidents Happen!

Dr. Oz says L.A. Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor's lung injury is really unfortunate, but likely nothing to freak out about ... telling TMZ Sports these accidents happen!! Taylor was a late scratch prior to last weekend's game against the Chiefs ... after… ... Continue Reading

Justin Bieber & Chance the Rapper's Cash Giveaway Winners

Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper certainly put their money where their mouths are ... and the loot's going a long way to help hundreds of people from all walks of life who are in desperate straits. As we reported ... Justin and Chance announced… ... Continue Reading

Carole Baskin Clarifies Letter Mentioning Thought of Killing First Husband

Carole Baskin wrote that she would have killed her first husband to get out of her marriage in an old letter to Don Lewis' first wife, but despite that seemingly shocking reveal ... Carole says it desperately needs context. The ID channel is airing… ... Continue Reading

Breonna Taylor Crime Scene Aftermath, New Body Cam Footage

The crime scene left behind after Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own apartment was a show of chaos ... so it seems from the first body cam footage released that shows the aftermath. VICE News just posted two brief clips from hours of… ... Continue Reading